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Glenys 24th Sep 2023 Activities/Caregiver

Name that Tune Pictograms

The residents loved this great job
Rose White 21st Sep 2023

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you so much for this great resource. I run a very small lunch club with a fab team of volunteers and this will be great for our next 'name that tune' activity
Mercedes 21st Sep 2023 Activities Coordinator

10 Lifelong Learning Themes for the Elderly

I am so very grateful for Golden Carers, and vast variety of activity ideas they bring each and every month. Could not do without them.
Thank you so much !!!
Lisa 21st Sep 2023 Activities for Seniors

Finish the Analogies Quiz #2

Love this!
Mel 20th Sep 2023

15 uplifting activities for people with limited mobility

what are the different activities that can be suggested to an elderly who is bedridden and have arthritis in fingers?
The person loves to talk but have dementia
Christy 19th Sep 2023 Recreation Therapist

Guess How Old They Are Now

I love this game. I find it helpful to do this kind of guessing game in 3 stages: Slide #1 = written info, Slide #2 = photo as a clue, Slide #3 = answer.
Blue Care 18th Sep 2023

Mini Scarecrow Craft

Love the scarecrows they look so easy to make, will make them with our clients next month. Thank you. Kerrie
Gail 16th Sep 2023 Activities Coordinator

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease


This place is brilliant! So many ideas I will try out
Megan 15th Sep 2023 Therapeutic Activities Services Worker

10 Chances - Hangman Variation

I love this! I too work in a mental health hospital as well. I always would just draw a person, a flower, or something that fits the season. Sometimes I wouldn't draw anything at all and would just cross out letters that were already guessed. Love this idea!
Kimberly 12th Sep 2023 Recreation

Daily Orientation Board for Memory Care

I do something like this every morning with the date and temp and all that, and my residents fav part is that I put a "today in history" or a fun fact and then I add what todays national day is!
Susan Haladjian 11th Sep 2023

The Price is Right Game

This sounds like a great idea. I will try this game to my seniors group.
Arron 9th Sep 2023 Manager

Classical Composers Quiz

Great Quiz! My residents enjoyed it!
Denise Carlson 8th Sep 2023

Care Plan Goals & Interventions

I was directed to your website for information on activities care plans. Very informative, and very interesting. The ones we have now do not match up to your level of client-centered or standards of care based care plans at all (in my opinion). I am the MDS Coordinator for my facility. I reached out to my Administrator for paid access to your site. I believe FLH could go a long way in improving. Our Activities Director is Cece, and I directed her to your site. I hope she checks it out as well. I found tons of ideas and things we could learn as well as do! Thanks for the awesome visit to your website. You set the bar high as far as Activities care plans. Awesome work!
Courtney 6th Sep 2023 Activities Director

Armchair Travel to Austria

There are also non-alcoholic mulled wine recipes out there too. I'm going to try one at my next armchair travel.
Patricia 6th Sep 2023 Retired

Paint Pouring Activity

How much of the slow medium and the cell medium do you use please?
Vanessa 6th Sep 2023 Activity Coordinator

Alphabet Quiz #5

Our residents enjoyed the quiz , got a lot of answers for each question.
Thank you!
Gwyneth 5th Sep 2023 Volunteer

What Am I Quiz #6

Thank you Lisa Gwyneth
Lifestyle 4th Sep 2023 National Registrated Diversional Therapist

Egg carton Spring Flowers

great idea, very easy thanks
Rosita 3rd Sep 2023 Activities Assistant

Father's Day Bingo

The variety of Bingo games continues to cause much anticipation and pleasure when residents read the weekly programs.
Lorraine 1st Sep 2023 Lifestyle Coordinator Riverside

Fun Group Table Quiz

Great, made me wish I could speak Irish!
Roxanne 31st Aug 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Modified Beer Pong

Nicola, we play this in the states as a drinking game. Not a mess, and so much fun...give it a try. I'm sure you'll have a blast.
Roxanne 31st Aug 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Modified Beer Pong

I love the chocolate in the cup game...thanks for the idea
Roxanne 31st Aug 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Blank Slate Word Game

I love coming here, and finding new ideas or ways we can refresh our other games. So thankfulbfor this site.
June 29th Aug 2023 Activities Co-ordinator

This Day in History for Seniors: September

i read On This Day every morning to our residents.
Any piece of history that I know our residents would be really interested in, I do more research on it. We have had some wonderful conversations, even trying to remember what we were doing or where we were when. a particular event happened.
thank you for all the wonderful ideas and information.
Jacki 29th Aug 2023 Allied Health Assistant

Find The Hidden Objects - Library

Great for scanning activity. I laminate mine on A3 and use a whiteboard marker so they can be used over and over. You could do this in a group and change pictures around after a set time period, just need a quick wipe over.
Rosita 29th Aug 2023 Activities Assistant

Short Story: Kafka and the Doll

The short stories are a wonderful addition to the ever expanding activities that can be provided to residents, mine certainly enjoy them.
Niki 27th Aug 2023

Free Music Playlists for the Elderly

I play the accordion and loved getting the playlist from Susan. I like to play from lead sheets and would welcome any links. I have been playing a Senior Assisted Living facility. Thanks.
Fiona 26th Aug 2023 Operations Co-Ordinator

Bird Seed Wreath

In the recipe it say 1 packet of gelatine is that 125g or a small individual one.
Thanks Donna Rose Lodge Invercargill, New Zealand
Estelle 26th Aug 2023 Life Coach

This Day in History for Seniors: August - 2nd Edition

What we did today was quite fun. We went through ‘this day in history’ and then played hangman afterwards. All the words I chose, came from the information in ‘this day in history’. The residents quickly picked this up and then - once a word was identified in hangman - I asked them from which fact / detail it came. So memory was also tested. We had quite a lot of fun.
Natalia Genao 25th Aug 2023

Newsletter Template - August 2023

I'm interested in join this wonderful website. I work with a lots of residents that speak Spanish. I was wondering if the daily chronicles can be printed in Spanish?
Steve 24th Aug 2023 Activities

Flower Bingo

Thank you for a fantastic bingo card went down so well with our residents . We had had a flower arranging demonstration first so fitted in perfectly what I did as well as the calling cards I had a play list of flower songs which I played when pulling out a card (Tulips from Amsterdam) Daisy daisy (paper roses)ext.etc
Lisa 24th Aug 2023 Activities for Seniors

What Am I Quiz #6

Love this!
Stephanie 23rd Aug 2023 Assistant Director Of Program Services

Whiteboard Word Game

This is an awesome site for my seniors, I've been able to entertain them during mental and physical activities. Although my subscription has expired, I am able to still get some exciting activities. The white board games are real challenging to them, but they love during making words from alphabets and from other words. I will be renewing my subscription soon. Thanks!!!
Susan 22nd Aug 2023 Activities Coordinator

10 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Activity Photos

We have created an individual scrapbook where photos with dates and comments are added each month as a momento for the families
Helen 21st Aug 2023

How to Make Sensory Blankets for Dementia Care

Where can I send fiddle mats to dementia patients in Maryland?
Cloteil 21st Aug 2023 Activity Director

Fun Riddle 22

My Residents are enjoying the Activities that you Post every month Thank You!
Rochelle Noble 20th Aug 2023

Read Aloud Activities for the Elderly

I have an old set of My Book House, collection of children's short stories, fables, poems, etc. Vol. 6,7,8 seem to have stories that would be interesting to read, but written for children. Would that be appropriate or appealing for my skilled care residents?
Bernadette 20th Aug 2023 Activity Director

Tree of Thanks

The residents will like this idea. Very informative. Thanks
Bernadette 20th Aug 2023 Activity Director

Fall Leaves Hanging Decoration

Nice idea and close to nature.
Carlota 18th Aug 2023 Client Experience Coach/Activity Facilitator

Musical Masterpieces

Hi there,
I am Carlota working in disabilities and currently part of the group where we are facilitating the activities for our clients but most of our clients are high needs and in a wheelchair, and our other clients are walker. Now, I was assigned to oversee the following sessions:
1. Matariki Class
2. Theatre works
3. Scrapbooking
4. Mind works
5. Looking after Me

If you have ideas on those classes will be a big help for me if you can share it to me. Thank you in advance.
Lisa 17th Aug 2023 Activities for Seniors

Analogies Quiz

Love these! They are fun and great for a quick game.
Julie 17th Aug 2023 Activities

British Quiz

Great quiz not too difficult
Caroline 16th Aug 2023

Summer Poster #2

Looking for a template to edit for Residents & relatives meeting

Thanks in advance
Caroline :)
Arron 16th Aug 2023 Manager

A Night at the Ballet

Thanks for a great resource! Such a good idea to celebrate classical music month!
Tracy 11th Aug 2023 Lifestyle Assistant

AFL Bingo

Thank you for sharing!! I am new to lifestyle and trying to find a new spin on the activities in place . I guess my own spin on things . Hopefully they haven’t done this before and enjoy bingo a little differently.
Roy 10th Aug 2023 Life Enrichment Director Lexington East

14 Men's Club Activity Ideas

Men's activities are the hardest for me to plan. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas and activities!
Christine 9th Aug 2023 Retired

Bean Bag Number Toss

Being a very new sign up to this wonderful website I already find the quizzes excellent for the Home where I Volunteer and the ideas you suggest along with my many ideas make my time entertaining the Residents extremely fulfilling.. I have this evening made my own very cheap version of the Bean Bag Toss..Being a Bowls fanatic I also have a length of green carpet from local Bowls Club with small toy Bowls which Residents enjoy attempting to get near the Jack in a competitive manner..there are so many simple ideas that work really well I find..
Kalala 9th Aug 2023 Diversional Therapist

Where in the World Quiz

Amazing Golden carers. Absolutely Amazing. God Bless.
Oak House Care Home 8th Aug 2023 Manager

This Day In History For Seniors: August

Great resource !!

Many Thanks !
Myrna 8th Aug 2023 Advocate

Famous Faces Quiz

I do a Memory Cafe and we are going to be doing a full 2 hours on Iceland. Love what we can download and folks are telling me they are looking forward to it.