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NICOLA 7th May 2021 Activities Coordinator

Sports Afternoon

I am definitely going to try this one out for our active games session.
Vicky 6th May 2021 Activity Co Ordinator

Finish the Song Line Quiz

Thank you great idea , simple but effective .
I play name an animal with no horns ect but never tried a singing game x
CHATS 6th May 2021 Recreation Programmers

The Benefits of Eating Spinach

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Benefits of Spinach
Wendy 5th May 2021 Activities Coordinator

Wonky Words Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Wonky words game
Debra 5th May 2021 Resident Service Coordinator

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

The wall large enough for our spring tree was brick/concrete. So our tree kept falling :(. Today the spring tree was transformed into a Spring Wreath. It's right by the elevators where residents and guests can see it frequently. Turned out beautifully!
Raffaela 5th May 2021 Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Armchair Travel to Mexico

How can I download the video to my USB key
Francita 4th May 2021 Well Being Coordinator

10 Activities to Celebrate VE Day in Lockdown

I've just decorated the lounges with newspaper clippings and the silloute solider. We will be having afternoon tea followed by old classics war songs followed by a film.
Jean 4th May 2021 Activities Provider

Animal Bingo

Thanks for all the picture Bingo. I do a couple of rounds with regular bingo and then as the residents begin to get 'tired' we break for tea then do a round of picture bingo before breaking for the day.
Jean 4th May 2021 Activities Provider

Armchair Travel to Hawaii

Thank you. This is going to be a fun day with a care home that smells like a pineapple.
Maurice 4th May 2021

Create Your Own Slideshow!

Hi Kerrily!

Thanks for the feedback. Have you had a chance to test out one of the slideshows yourself yet?

The font is quite large, especially when considering that the group event is usually done on a larger screen, like a TV or projector.

That being said we will see what we can do here, and image quizzes are already being worked on behind the scenes :)
Kerrily 4th May 2021 Lifestyle Staff

Create Your Own Slideshow!

I like this idea but I'm wondering if the font can be bigger, and maybe pictures would help some residents? (I've never made a slideshow before)
Laura 4th May 2021 Life Enrichment Director

Cooking for Italian Day - Cannoli Dip

This is perfect for my limited functionality folks.
Margaret 3rd May 2021 Life Enrichment Assistant

Chair Yoga

I would love to know what the specific chair yoga exercises you are using, do you have an instructions sheet for this activity It sounds wonderful!
Nacol 3rd May 2021 Activity Director

Emoji Bingo

I love these ideas. We will definitely be playing the Emoji and Bunker bingo at our facility. Thanks for sharing.
Shadi 2nd May 2021 Recreation Aid

Jokes 3

Actually ..... i cant really read most of those jokes, especially that most res attending my programs are ladies. The jokes are sort of inappropriate .
Maurice 1st May 2021

Biological Diversity Poster #3

Hi Teresa!

Yes - you can now print any activities in several paper sizes :)

11 x 17 is called Tabloid. Directly above the "Download & Print" button is a new paper size bar, just click the size you want before clicking the button.

Let me know how you go!
Teresa 1st May 2021 Activites

Biological Diversity Poster #3

Hi all, are there any posters available to print 11 X 17 for special days each month?
Sara 1st May 2021 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator

Song Pictionary

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Song Pictionary
Sara 1st May 2021 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator

Animal Bingo

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Animal Bingo
Tommy Greene 30th Apr 2021

Words in Words Game

This is a great activity i use a variation on this at least twice a week.
I use the 9 letter wheel containing a 9 word within the wheel. A vowel in the center and the remaining letters around the edge. Then come up with words with four or more letters..
15 words average 20 words very clever 30 or more genius
Christina 30th Apr 2021 Recreation Progammer

Armchair Travel to Brazil

I have been having fun with these trips! Thank you!
Tracey 30th Apr 2021 Wellbeing Coordinator

This Day in History - May - Spanish Version

This day in history is awesome. I am at a very multicultural Aged Care village and would love love love this in other languages like Italian, Greek, Egyptian and Coatian. Do you have access to these ..... This is brilliant.
Thankyou :)
Rhonda 30th Apr 2021 Lifestyle

Reminiscing with Paul's Jukebox

This morning we are having a radio hour . We have a record player and old records
Involving a resident he is going to do a comment on the record and pop in some of his funny jokes here and there this will empower him and give him a feeling of self worth
Emily 30th Apr 2021 Activity Director

Theme Inspiration for National Nursing Home Week

we need the update for 2021
Sandy 29th Apr 2021 Life Enrichment Coordinator

In-House Ice Cream Truck

Sounds like some great ideas! I love the ice cream truck!
Debbie 29th Apr 2021 Ota

Passport Template for Armchair Travel

open them in adobe and in the blanks select fill and sign and you can input a small amount of details into each..
Elaine 29th Apr 2021 Administration Officer

Armchair Travel to India


just wondering how do you get the arm chair travel to India online?
we cant find any link.

thank you.
Veronica 29th Apr 2021 Lpc

Find The Hidden Objects - Car Yard

I love the idea, especially in color. but my people find them too easy. Not enough challenge.
Lisa 28th Apr 2021 Activities for Seniors

Nix the Six Dice Game

Interesting concept! THANK YOU. This one seems to be simple which works best for my people.
Jill 28th Apr 2021 Director,Life Enhancement

Spring Bonnets

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Spring Bonnets
tina 28th Apr 2021 Life Enrichment Director

In-House Ice Cream Truck

Thanks guys! My email is [email protected] if you need more help!
tina 28th Apr 2021 Life Enrichment Director

In-House Ice Cream Truck

We used a sheet of plywood. We cut out around the seat and stirring wheel laid in over the scooter, attached the fabric to the plywood and the ice cream sits on the plywood.
Amanda 27th Apr 2021 Activities Officer


I only use their Christian name Margaret.
Karen Elizabeth may Gallimore 27th Apr 2021

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

I'm looking for ideas for residents in a care setting, many with dementia, some who are bed care any ideas would be great thks
Heather 27th Apr 2021 Activity Director

Card Bingo

We call this game Bridge-O.
Beth 27th Apr 2021 Recreation Therapist

Nix the Six Dice Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Nix the six
Robert 26th Apr 2021 Carer

Words starting with O Quiz

This is definitely an activity that has helped engage my mum for a few minutes. More like this please.
Maurice 26th Apr 2021

What Am I Quiz #1

Hi Linda!

Thank you for the feedback - we've got lots more in store this year :)

All you need to do is open the Play Quiz game you'd like to use on the Zoom call, you can either save that link for the call, or save the Actiivty so you can find it when you're on the call.

To use it - you just share you screen while on the zoom call.

Hope that helps - let me know how it goes!

Claire Rimmer 26th Apr 2021

Tips for Writing Successful Activity Programs for Senior Care

Hello hoping you can help I am completing a business course for uni, I have chosen to create a activity Co. Ordinator position in my make believe rest home. Could you please advise me on costing? For up to around fifty residents please

Many hopes Claire Rimmer
Robert 25th Apr 2021 Carer

Words starting with N Quiz

A very good quiz. This made my mum feel great as she knew the answers to most of these questions. Pitched just at the right level.
Linda 25th Apr 2021 Virtual Programer

What Am I Quiz #1

I LOVE these new Play Quizzes. How do I save them to put on my Zoom screen at a later date for clients to see?
I've tried a few things, but can't seem to make anything work......
Mercedes 24th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator

Memorial Day Posters

I am so excited about the wide variety of activities I get to choose from month after month. I am especially grateful for the weekly dementia calendar.
Thank you Golden Carers !!
Christy 24th Apr 2021

In-House Ice Cream Truck

Can you tell me how you attached it to the wheelchair I would love to do this for my residents!! This is a fabulous idea I love it!
Philip 24th Apr 2021 Student

Alphabet Quiz #2

I have just started my career in Aged Care and adore this website for all of the inspiration and ideas it provides!

Thank-you so much
Helen 24th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator

10 Activities to Celebrate VE Day in Lockdown

Does anyone know where I can source some old war time posters ready for VE Day? I'm looking for land army, careless talk, coughs and sneezes, that kind of thing.
Tammy 23rd Apr 2021 Activities Director

Gelli Plate Prints

Thank you for posting this! I have never seen this before. It looks like it would be great for people that are living with dementia.
kathy 23rd Apr 2021

15 Virtual Activities for Residents in Isolation

Thank you so much for this resource ! trying to look for resource for seniors as a community coordinator with seniors in the community!
Carman 23rd Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator

12 Fun Social Clubs to Start at Your Community

We started a paint by numbers paint night, at this time we have 12 residents painting
Lisa 23rd Apr 2021 Activities for Seniors

How to Overcome Common Dementia Challenges in Group Activities

This is helpful! Thank you!
Kathy 23rd Apr 2021 Activity/Engagement Coordinator

Caption the Pictures Activity

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Caption the Pictures Activity