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Talita 24th Sep 2023

Hedgehog Book Art

Hi Valerie I just came across this gorgeous photo, well done! They turned out beautifully
Talita 4th Sep 2023

Father's Day Bingo

So good to hear Rosita! Thank you!
Talita 4th Sep 2023

Blank Slate Word Game

Thank you so much for your feedback Roxanne!
Talita 4th Sep 2023

This Day in History for Seniors: September

That's wonderful to hear June, thank you so much for your feedback!
Talita 4th Sep 2023

Find The Hidden Objects - Library

That's a great idea. Thanks for your feedback Jacki!
Talita 4th Sep 2023

Short Story: Kafka and the Doll

Thanks so much for your feedback Rosita x
Talita 28th Aug 2023

Flower Bingo

Thank you so much for your feedback Steve!
Talita 25th Aug 2023

Newsletter Template - August 2023

Hi Natalia, yes the 'This Day in History' pages are all available in Spanish. You can find them here:
Talita 23rd Aug 2023

AFL Tipping 2023

The dates for the final round have been added!
Talita 21st Aug 2023

Fun Riddle 22

Thank you so much for your feedback Cloteil!