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Talita 12th Jul 2019

Remembering Shirley Temple

This is a wonderful activity Sally, thanks so much for sharing! Who doesn't love Shirley Temple!
Talita 10th Jul 2019

Are You Using Your Local Library Enough?

Wow! This looks and sounds amazing Jenny! Thanks so much for sharing this picture.
Talita 7th Jul 2019

10 Principles of the Montessori Approach for Dementia Care

Thank you so very much for your feedback Kay.
Talita 7th Jul 2019

Funny Short Stories #3

Hi Elle, the next installment can be found here:
Talita 7th Jul 2019

Baby Boomers Music Quiz 4

Thanks so much for your feedback Donna-Lee - it is so much appreciated!
Talita 7th Jul 2019

Famous Faces

Thank you so much for your feedback and support!
Talita 7th Jul 2019

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Thank you so much for your feedback Agnieszka!
Talita 2nd Jul 2019


Did you see the international cue card pdfs on this page?

Hope this helps.
Talita 30th Jun 2019

This Day in History for Seniors: January

This is wonderful to hear, thanks Charina