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Talita 23rd Apr 2018

How to Host a Country & Western Themed Party

Thanks Linda. Love to hear how it goes!
Talita 23rd Apr 2018

Mother Earth Word Search

Thanks so much for your feedback Ariane!
Talita 23rd Apr 2018

Words in Words Game 6

No worries! x
Talita 23rd Apr 2018

Words in Words Game 5

Thank you so much Lisa, you've made our day! : )
Talita 23rd Apr 2018

Charades Game for the Elderly

Yes, will do! Thanks for the suggestion Wendy.
Talita 18th Apr 2018

Trees of the World Quiz

Ahh sorry the answers were out of sync, thanks so much - all fixed!
Talita 17th Apr 2018

Spring has Sprung

Hi ladies, this activity was submitted by a member. There are no instructions, just a picture for inspiration. However, we have another related activity with instructions and templates available here if you would like some more details:

Talita 14th Apr 2018

Solve the Riddles

Thanks for the feedback Auriel, much appreciated!
Talita 14th Apr 2018


So wonderful to hear Juliet! Love the wee tests, lol!! Sounds like a lot of fun!
Talita 14th Apr 2018

Space Travel Word Search

Thanks ladies, we really appreciate your feedback!