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Talita 21st Oct 2018

Hidden Equations Number Search #2

Thanks so much for your feedback Fran, more coming soon!
Talita 19th Oct 2018


Hi Sandra, here is a link to the word document template for Susan's weekly calendar:

Hope this helps! Thanks for sharing Susan!
Talita 17th Oct 2018


Hi Jessie, I believe this tool does exactly what you're talking about!

It tracks attendance and generates a multitude of relevant reports.

See what you think!
Talita 16th Oct 2018

Christmas Bingo

Wow, Sara - another beautiful bingo game! Thank you so much! I know this will be very much appreciated by the whole community!
Talita 15th Oct 2018

Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care

I think this is a wonderful idea Rosemarie. I'm sure it was well received.
Talita 15th Oct 2018

Multicultural Sing-Along

Thank you Shelley and Debbie!
Talita 15th Oct 2018

Modified Beer Pong

Great idea Jodi! Let us know how it goes!
Talita 15th Oct 2018

Maths Quiz #1

Thanks so much Jan, yes we have more coming! There are some more maths ideas here: