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Talita 17th Sep 2018

Animal Jokes

This is so great to hear Debbylynn! They made me giggle too, Thanks for the feedback x
Talita 17th Sep 2018

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Love to hear how it goes Leticia!
Talita 17th Sep 2018

Scent Guessing

Thanks for your feedback Marilyn.
Talita 17th Sep 2018

Word Bingo

Thanks so much for your feedback Janet! We'd love to hear how it goes.
Talita 17th Sep 2018


Thanks Susan.
Talita 16th Sep 2018


Thank you Pat! We appreciate your kind and supporting words so so much!
We also love hearing what works well for you and what activities you want to see more of!
Talita 13th Sep 2018

This Day in History for Seniors: September

Hi Ana, the answers to the riddles are on the last page.
Talita 8th Sep 2018

Professions that are Vanishing

Good ones! I think another installment of this activity is in order!
Talita 8th Sep 2018

Cross-out The Odd Words #3

This is so great to hear Jun, thank you so much for your feedback!