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Talita 29th Apr 2019

How to Practise Gratitude with a Five Minute Journal

Thank you for your feedback Salena
Talita 29th Apr 2019

Two of a kind massage

This is a lovely activity idea!
Talita 29th Apr 2019

ANZAC Day Picture Bingo

So lovely to hear, thanks Carol!
Talita 29th Apr 2019


Thank you so very much for your feedback Gina! This is wonderful to hear!
Talita 29th Apr 2019

Mind-Bending Maths Riddles

Thank so much for your feedback Lisa.
Talita 29th Apr 2019

True or False Quiz #4

I love this Kerry, what a great idea with the laminated cards!
Talita 29th Apr 2019

4 Amusing Senior Stories

Thank you so much for your feedback Gillian. We appreciate it so much!
Talita 22nd Apr 2019

Multicultural Food Day

Thank you so much for your feedback Ariane, it is very much appreciated. x
Talita 21st Apr 2019

What Am I Quiz #3

Ahh Lisa you are too kind. This fabulous activity was submitted by Bev. It's wonderful when people share their favorite activities!
Talita 21st Apr 2019

Colour by Dice Game

Love to hear how it went Janet!