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Talita 15th May 2017

Ocean Themed Sing-Along with Lyrics

Yes! Great additions to this list. Thanks Joanne!
Talita 15th May 2017

Word Ladder #1

Thanks so much for your feedback Sue! We have posted some more on the website and have more coming soon.
Talita 15th May 2017

Rhyming Riddles 1

So great to hear Diane! Thanks for the feedback.
Talita 15th May 2017

Mother's Day Proverbs from around the World

Thanks so much for your feedback Pam. We did have a lovely Mother's Day, I hope you did too!
Talita 15th May 2017

Things that go Together Quiz #2

Thank you so much Tracey! Your feedback is very much appreciated.
Talita 12th May 2017

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

Absolutely gorgeous Diane! Thanks for sharing this pic!
Talita 11th May 2017


Thanks for sharing this activity Annette!
Talita 11th May 2017

Pin the Band-Aid on the Injury

Thanks for this activity Karen, sounds like fun! Great idea.
Talita 11th May 2017


Congratulations Della! I LOVE this KISS acronym - I haven't heard it before!

All the best with your new career!
Talita 11th May 2017


Oh good luck Paul! Our facebook group is another great place to ask this question:

All the best!