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Talita 6th Feb 2017

How to Conduct a Reminiscing Session

Thanks for your feedback Elizabeth!
Talita 31st Jan 2017

Eyeglass Lens Brooch

What an interesting activity idea, so unique and with such a beautiful result! Thanks for sharing Lynne.
Talita 31st Jan 2017

Cookie Pops

Love it Joan, nice and simple. Thanks for the photos too, looks like they turned out great!
Talita 31st Jan 2017

Try a New Brew

Love this idea Susan, thank you for sharing!
Talita 31st Jan 2017

Drawing from Numbers

What a great idea Karen! Thank you for sharing!
Talita 31st Jan 2017

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

Thank you so much for your feedback Joyce, this is wonderful to hear! I somehow missed this comment earlier. All the best!
Talita 31st Jan 2017

Mozart's Birthday Creative Art Project

This sounds like a wonderful activity, thanks for sharing! If you have a picture you can send in that would be great too.
Talita 30th Jan 2017

8 Hot and Cold Drinks to Share in Good Company

Love to hear how it goes. Thanks Diane!