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talita 20th May 2013

Recycled CD Fish Mobile

Thanks for the feedback Heather! We would love to see some photos when you have finished them.
talita 17th May 2013

Cup and saucer table decorations

Thanks Jean, wonderful idea!
talita 17th May 2013

Mothers Day Reminiscence

Thanks Debbie! This is a great idea and has been linked to the Mother's Day event for next year. Thanks again.
talita 8th May 2013

Recycled Paper Mâché Bowls

Hi Ann,

Any kitchen bowls will do!

talita 6th May 2013

Homemade Cards for Mother's Day

Absolutely Jessie! Clients could also make the cards for mother's that they know, their daughters, friends etc.
Talita 5th May 2013

Recycled CD Fish Mobile

Hi Val,

The download was missing, thanks for letting me know.
You will find it at the bottom of the activity now.

This is a great activity, the fish turned out so beautiful, I hope you enjoy!
talita 2nd May 2013


Welcome Morena! I really hope you enjoy the website and find lots of things that are helpful!
talita 29th Apr 2013


Thanks Marie-Jeanne, this has been updated!
talita 23rd Apr 2013

Trees of the World Quiz

Hi Maria,

The answer for 16 was missing, we have updated this now.