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talita 15th Dec 2012

Health & Lifestyle Survey

Hi Shirley,

Are you referring to the {facility name} section at the top?

The Resident Lifestyle Survey is provided as a template so you would substitute the name of your facility into this location.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks Shirley.
talita 15th Dec 2012


Hi Shirley, yes the 2013 calendar is available now!
talita 13th Dec 2012

Newsletter Template 1

Hi Maria,

Try the pdf version that should open for you even if you don't have the software to open the editable publisher version.

talita 11th Dec 2012


Hi Susie, Thanks for the suggestion, we have added a new activity with word lists!
talita 11th Dec 2012


Yes we do Shirley, we've added some more just for you!
talita 5th Dec 2012


Hi Shirley,

Did you see the ginger beer recipe in the cooking section?
Here is the link:
Talita 5th Dec 2012


Thank you Carolynn for your kind words, we look forward to having you on board!
Talita 29th Nov 2012


Hi Lyn,

Thanks for the lovely feedback! Doilies can be hard to find, we've had trouble before too!

Could it have been one of these activities you were looking for:

Christmas Baskets with Recycled Doilies:

Thanksgiving Doily Wall Decoration:

I will let you know if I uncover some more!

talita 21st Nov 2012


Hi Susie,

Thanks for this idea, we are working on some word lists based on your suggestion. Will keep you posted.
talita 10th Nov 2012

Crepe Paper Poppies for Remembrance Day

Beautiful! Thanks Marie.