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Talita 12th Sep 2016

Preserved fall leaves

Thanks Laura!
Talita 12th Sep 2016

Mixed Media Collages for the Elderly

oh that's a great idea Karen. Please send in a picture if you are able to when it is all put together, sounds really good!
Talita 12th Sep 2016

Grandparents Day Anthem

oh that's so nice to hear Sharon! Than k you so much for your feedback, it means so much to us!
Talita 12th Sep 2016

AFL Team Emblems

Great idea Gail, we will get onto it!
Talita 12th Sep 2016

Playing Bingo: History, Rules & Bingo Calls

Hi Susan, yes sometimes it's best to keep things simple isn't it! A basket of small soaps etc for prizes is a great idea. Thanks for your feedback!
Talita 12th Sep 2016

Australia: Reminiscing About Life In 1915

oh I love this Cherrine. I think someone sent in a picture of a pretend fire a while back but I can't remember on what activity, it looked so good! If you have a chance to send in a pic next time you run this activity that would be great!
Talita 12th Sep 2016

Planning a Movie Night for the Elderly

How lovely Lisa! What a good idea to get someone to pick each week. Love the addition of the glass of sherry too!
Talita 12th Sep 2016

Getting Schools Involved

What a beautiful mural Shearee! Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this activity.
Talita 12th Sep 2016

Talk like a pirate day!

Love it Kylie!!
Talita 12th Sep 2016

Colour Trivia - Australian Theme

Thanks for the feedback Faith! Stephanie did a great job with this quiz!