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Talita 1st Jun 2020

Hilarious Things Said in Court

Love to hear how it goes down Robert!
Talita 1st Jun 2020

What Am I Quiz #2

Thanks for your feedback Raylene. All the best!
Talita 1st Jun 2020

Using Music With Older Adults During Covid-19

You are an inspiration Gwyneth! I love playing my piano too.
Talita 1st Jun 2020

Find the Objects: - Sea Theme

Ahhh Kim thank you so much! This means so much to us!
Talita 1st Jun 2020

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

Thank you so much for your feedbackk Doris, it is so appreciated. All the best! x
Talita 1st Jun 2020

NRL Tipping 2020 - Updated

You are most welcome Bernii!
Talita 29th May 2020

American Football Teams - Fill in the Blanks

Hi Stacy, thanks for pointing that out! Fixed!
Talita 27th May 2020

Foam Flowers

These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing Diane x
Talita 27th May 2020

Fast Food Trivia Quiz

Great quiz Linda, thanks for sharing!
Talita 27th May 2020

Dog Bingo

Wow Soné I've never seen this app before - how cool is that! What a fun extension to a bingo game!