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Talita 7th Nov 2022

Melbourne Cup Word Search

Thank you so very much for your feedback Elena, this is wonderful to hear! All the best!
Talita 4th Nov 2022

US Military Life Bingo

Thank you so much for creating and sharing this bingo Vickie - it is fabulous!
Thank also for your kind words of feedback and support - this is amazing to hear! Thank you!
Talita 4th Nov 2022

Choose the Correct Missing Word Quiz

Thanks so much for your feedback Lisa! You can adjust the font size before printing - just about the print button there is a 'font' button and you can make the font smaller or larger as desired.

Talita 31st Oct 2022

Armchair Travel to England

This is so wonderful to hear Tonia. You have a kind heart, your clients are lucky to have you x
Talita 31st Oct 2022

20 Acts of Kindness to Bestow Upon Your Residents

I love this idea Evangeline! Thank you so much for your feedback and support!
Talita 31st Oct 2022

Donating for World Kindness Day

Thank you so very much for your feedback Angela!

We don't yet have many Spanish resources apart from the This Day in History series - however, you are able to 'Make a Copy' of any quiz, word search or crossword activity and then edit it staright away. You could use this feature to do quick translation. There is a member here who has started doing this for German language activities.

If you do end up translating any activities, please share them so that we can increase our Spanish resources and make them available to others.

All the best Angela!

Talita 31st Oct 2022

Portable Activity Ideas to Reach Every Resident, Everyday

Thank you so much for sharing this picture Della, this looks amazing!
Talita 29th Oct 2022

Coloring for Seniors - Man On Motorcycle

Thanks so much for your feedback Miriam!
Talita 24th Oct 2022

Quilting Activity - For those with limited abilities

That's a really lovely idea Leah
Talita 24th Oct 2022

Hot Cocoa Bar Inspiration

That sounds sooo good Angie!