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Talita 5th Mar 2016


So many different ways of naming and searching for these fiddle blankets - I just came across a relevant activity submitted by one of our members:

How to make a Sensory Lap Quilt
Talita 4th Mar 2016

The Envelope Game

Thanks for submitting this activity Chant!
Just to clarify - how would envelopes that have a number on them greater than 6 be distributed? The rules say that whatever number you roll is the number envelope you pickup (or steal) - so I was just wondering what happens with numbers not on the dice.

Thanks Chant!
Talita 2nd Mar 2016


Great question, we would love to hear what has worked for others too.

In the comments section of the article below there are some interesting points made by some members.

Snoezelen Rooms And Sensory Environments For Dementia Patients
Talita 2nd Mar 2016


Great question, we have a few relevant articles on this topic:

10 Ways To Increase Participation Of Programmed Activities

Hot to motivate residents in long term care

15 Activities For Loners And Introverted Seniors

Hope this helps.
Talita 1st Mar 2016

St. Patrick's Day Crossword

Thanks for the feedback Deb, much appreciated. We will have some new crosswords up in the next few days.
Talita 29th Feb 2016

Who Am I Game

Great idea Domenica, thanks for your feedback. We will get some more 'who am I' style quizzes up on the website shortly!
Talita 25th Feb 2016


Hi Jill,

These fiddle blankets do seem to be quite pricey, don't they!
If making your own is an option, we have a pinterest board with lots of photos which could give you some ideas.

Talita 25th Feb 2016

Recycled Paint Swatches Game

I love this idea! Interesting because I had just come across another recycled paint swatches activity today (a garland for easter). Thanks for sharing!
Talita 25th Feb 2016

St Patrick's Day Quiz

This sounds like a fun game, great idea! Thanks Kathie.
Talita 23rd Feb 2016


Hi Lori,

We've got some more ideas on a pinterest board here:

The little ribbon shamrocks and ribbon wreath look like nice and easy activities. Also the hanging shamrock garlands.

Hope this helps!