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Talita 1st Jul 2013


This is interesting! Aging gracefully: Germans grow gray together.
talita 25th Jun 2013


Hi Jean,

Here is an activity that you may find helpful:
talita 25th Jun 2013

Paper Tole

Great idea Linda! Thank you for sharing. If you have any photos you can email through that would be wonderful too!
talita 18th Jun 2013

Endangered Species Art Templates

Thank you for suggesting this Sandra, we have added templates for the Numbat and Orange-bellied Parrot!
talita 17th Jun 2013

Stories Out of a Hat

Thank you Anjanie!
talita 17th Jun 2013

Play dough crafts

Thank you Marina!
talita 17th Jun 2013

International Flag Decorations

Hi Michaela,

These flags have been added.

talita 13th Jun 2013

Living Eggs Program

Hi Deb,

The Living Eggs website should open up when you click on the link. You can then make contact with the people that run this business to find out more.
talita 13th Jun 2013

2013 Recreation Therapy Calendar

Hi Maree, are you trying to open the calendars or submit your calendar?

If you are trying to open them, they will download as pdf files which you can then open.

Let me know how you go.
talita 6th Jun 2013

Living Eggs Program

I have added the link to the Living Eggs program to the activity.
Here it is again: