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Talita 13th Nov 2013

Remembering ‘The Lone Eagle’ - Charles Lindberg

Hi Jo-Ann, thank you for the feedback.n We certainly will look into it.
Talita 13th Nov 2013

Say 'Hello' in different languages

Thank you Loreta, we have added this!
Talita 13th Nov 2013

Hi Jennifer,

Golden Carers have recently released a gentle chair exercises dvd, available here:
Christine 13th Nov 2013


To Leane who works in multicultural facility. I found that Indian cooking, snacks such as pakoras, or samosas were a big hit with the residents, including the Aussie residents. Ask a family member to help with the program and you will find the residents will truly enjoy it. Happy to let you know how I went.
Talita 31st Oct 2013

How to manage Wandering Behaviour

This was just an error, I have fixed it up. Thanks Maria.
Talita 28th Oct 2013


The Golden Carers Gentle Chair Exercises DVD is now available.

Talita 28th Oct 2013


Hi Dorothy,

Great timing!

Here is a link to the Gentle Chair Exercises DVD. We have just released this today.

Thanks Dorothy.
talita 23rd Oct 2013

Chair Dancing

Thanks Kerry, this sounds like lots of fun!
talita 23rd Oct 2013

Residents Auction

Thanks Jillian, this sounds like a great idea!
talita 14th Oct 2013


Hi Angela,

We have setup an activity for Melbourne Cup printables and added a horseshoe at your request.