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Talita 12th Sep 2022

Mandala Activities for the Elderly

Thank you for your feedback Sr Rafaele!
Talita 5th Sep 2022

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

So beautiful Dy, your group did an amazing job! Thank you so much for sharing the picture too. x
Talita 5th Sep 2022

Words starting with S Quiz

Thanks for your feedback Maryilyn!
Talita 5th Sep 2022

This Day in History for Seniors: September - 2nd Edition

Thank you so very much for your feedback Cheryl - this is wonderful to hear!
Talita 30th Aug 2022

Halloween PowerPoint Quiz

I can see the picture rounds are missing answers, maybe Chris can help us out with this.
Talita 22nd Aug 2022

Armchair Travel To Greece

We'd love for you to share some pictures of the day, thank you Pauline! Good luck, I'm sure it will be fun!
Talita 22nd Aug 2022

Thanks for your feedback Sabrina!
Talita 22nd Aug 2022

Armchair Travel to England

Thank you so very much for your feedback Matthew!
Talita 22nd Aug 2022

Who Am I? August Birthdays

Thanks so much for your feedback Evangeline!
Talita 22nd Aug 2022

Name the Canadian Animals Quiz

This one was submitted by a member but that's a great idea Jennifer, we'll add to it!