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talita 17th Oct 2012

Playdough Guessing Competition

This is a great idea Christine! Thanks for sharing.
talita 21st Aug 2012


Hi Katrina,

Thanks for your email regarding subscriptions for the Golden Carers website.

We do offer significant discounts for group memberships - you can access the group membership form and pricing here:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards
talita 21st Aug 2012

Spring Clean Word Finder

Hi Kathy,

I have checked and this and it seems to be working ok. Please follow these steps and let me know if you're still having trouble.

1. Go to the Recycled Dream Spring Tree activity

2. Click on the 'Print friendly version' link under the heading

3. Print this page

Thanks Kathy, let me know how you go.

talita 21st Aug 2012

Paper Plate Sunflower

Hi Val,

Thanks for your feedback. There is a 'print friendly version' on all pages under the activity headline. Have you tried this? Clicking on this link will give you a version of the activity that is suitable for printing.

Let me know if you're still having trouble.

Kind Regards,

talita 21st Aug 2012

Armchair travel with Google Maps

No worries Ron, I have fixed this!
talita 21st Aug 2012

Newsletter Template 1

Hi Michele,

I have added a PDF version of the newsletter template.
The publisher version will allow you to edit within the template to create and publish your own newsletters.
talita 15th Aug 2012

Dream Weaving

sorry Ron I hadn't noticed, fixed now!
talita 10th Aug 2012

Shop til you drop OP shop HOP

Sounds like you all had great fun!
talita 10th Aug 2012


Hi Carol, great topic.
There is some info on Golden Carers about fundraising available here.
Love to hear everyone else's ideas too.
talita 9th Aug 2012

Things that go Together Quiz

Thanks Ron for all your feedback and support, it is very much appreciated. It is wonderful to hear your positive comments and ideas.