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Activities Coordinator From New South Wales, Australia

About Sally: I am one of a team that includes 2 activity coordinators and one welfare officer in a Government Day Centre in the Upper Hunter Valley. We are open 4 hours a day Monday to Friday.

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Sally 9th Oct 2014 Activities Coordinator

Ladies Discussion Group

At our High Tea today I brought along a traditional wooden Japanese Toy and explained it. Then the discussion led to our first toys. It became a little controversial when one lady talked about her golliwog. But that's ok too.
Sally 25th Sep 2014 Activities Coordinator

Armchair Travel Group Play

We have done this twice with Great Britain and France and are about to do Italy. We do some language learning, try food, watch a dvd and have the books from the Library for a few weeks. I would like to talk to the local radio show about being interviewed as I would like to get some community input.
Sally 25th Sep 2014 Activities Coordinator


About three weeks before Melbourne Cup we hold craft afternoons to make fascinators and table decorations. We have prizes for the best dressed lady and gentleman. One of our male residents takes great joy in cross dressing on Melbourne Cup day and wearing flowering hats and high heels.
Sally 29th Aug 2014 Activities Coordinator

13 Reminiscing Themes for Seniors

Love reminiscing activities. But, one thing you need to be flexible. I tried the topic about Bedtime stories and mine reminded me that they didn't have power after dark and many of them didn't have electricity until the war. Not to worry, it is still a good idea as they talked about the dust storms and sleeping out on the grass amongst the mozzies. A lot of my ressies lived in little country towns or on properties in the outback.
Sally 29th Jul 2014 Activities Coordinator

My Father's Profession Game

I included this as part of Happy Hour/Quiztime last Friday afternoon. It was amazing!! So many interesting stories. I was speechless and the residents were all interested in each others stories. It was so good I decided to include it with a slightly different group at the Monday afternoon High Tea, and it was just as successful. Thank you so much.
Sally 3rd Jul 2014 Activities Coordinator


Hello Maryanne, where I work we have a large facility (approx 150 ) and have been split into High, Low and Dementia wings. The High and Low Care Activity Officers work from 10am -3.30pm Monday to Friday and the Dementia Wing Activity Officer (and Team Leader) works 10am-5.30pm Monday to Friday. I used to work alternate weekends with another RAO but our hours were reduced.
Sally 19th Jun 2014 Activities Coordinator

How To Structure Reminiscing Sessions For Seniors

I did a reminiscing afternoon about a month ago instead of a quiztime. It was really popular. Going to run another one tomorrow. Wedding theme. I work with low care residents and have asked them to all bring their wedding photographs and any other wedding items they still have. I'm bringing my wedding dress. I have questions in a box for each to take turns with.
Sally 28th May 2014 Activities Coordinator

Volunteer Work Record

Why do they need to do this?
Sally 11th May 2014 Activities Coordinator


What about "Over the Top with Jim" by Hugh Lunn. It is a continual story but each chapter is a different adventure for him and his family. It is a bit like "All creatures great and small" by James Herriott or "Rumpole of the Bailey" by John Mortimer.
Sally 12th Sep 2013 Activities Coordinator

International Nurses Day Word Search

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas and resources. I have only been an activities officer for 8 mths and I have a lot to learn. I started off relieving across the whole facility (High, Dementia and Low Care) but am now permanent in low care. A comment about the fonts used in these Word Searches, could you used Comic Sans or something thicker quite a few of my residents have Macular Degeneration and their eyesight is poor. Thanks Again.