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Maurice 4th Aug 2020


Thank you Gwyneth!

I've just updated the Submit Activity page with the following instructions:

[Enter] = Paragraph
[Ctrl] + [Enter] = New Line

This is actually the same way you break onto a new paragraph or new line in Microsoft Word, it's one of those 'quirks' of computers.

Let me know how you go, hope that helps!

Maurice 2nd Aug 2020

This Day In History For Seniors: August

Hi Jo!

I tried the B&W version and it was working, did you have trouble? Can you try again and let me know what happens if it's still not working for you?
Maurice 2nd Aug 2020


Hi Gwyneth!

What were you having trouble with? Is it the Forum, or a specific activity? Or maybe within an activity download.

Thanks, talk soon!
Maurice 31st Jul 2020


Hi Gail!

Thanks for getting in touch. To try and make our templates accessible to a broad audience we chose Word instead of Publisher, less and less people seem to have access to the software, however I am aware of some of the advantages to using Publisher.

I'm curious - what were your main reasons for using Publisher over Word? We designed our templates to be simple to use, similar in a way to what you'd be used to.

Thanks Gail, talk soon!
Maurice 31st Jul 2020


Hi Vicky!

Would it be possible to upload here or send [email protected] a screenshot of your problem? Or maybe a copy of the template?

We recently made some improvements to the template, but as far as I can tell it can still be downloaded normally?

What problem were you having?

Thanks, talk soon!
Maurice 28th Jul 2020


Hi Sunya!

Thanks for getting in touch :)

Could you please reply to this comment and upload a copy of a template you're having trouble with? I can see you're using an Plain A3 August PDF version, but I can't see any problems when I generate it on my end.

Talk to you soon.
Maurice 7th Jul 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Leigh-ann!

I'm curious, could you attach an example one of your calendars? And do you have any examples of previous calendars? Did they all fit in your previous template? I'd love to see an example.

Here are some ideas you can try with these templates?

1. Paper Size: One option is to select the largest paper size you're able to print. In a lot of cases, this is A3 / Tabloid. The more space on the page, the less cluttered the calendar report will be!

2. DOC Multi-Page: In a lot of cases, the Word Document version of the calendar is better for complex calendars as it gives you options to easily edit the content later.

3. Multi-Page PDF: If you're using the PDF option, make sure you click the "Multi-Page PDF" option. This will stop the system from trying to squeeze everything on to one page, and instead let it print onto multiple pages!

4. Font Size: Changing font size is an option for the Word Doc version, however, to get it working with PDFs you have to check the Multi-Page PDF described above!

5. Hide Weekends: If you don't schedule activities on weekends, you can actually hide them and just print a 5-day calendar!

6. Change Orientation: Sometimes printing in portrait mode (instead of landscape) can provide a cleaner calendar, especially when combined with Hide Weekends and Large Paper Size!

Let me know how you go :)
Maurice 2nd Jul 2020


Hi Heidi,

That's great to hear! :)

1. Go to the Monthly Calendars page, here is the link:

2. Click the blue button "+ Add Activity"in the top left of the screen

3. Enter an activity name, date, and time

4. Next, click "Repeats", and change it from "Never" to whatever repeating option you'd like:

- Daily
- Weekly
- Fortnightly
- Monthly
- Annually

5. You can optionally set an "Ends on" date if you like

And that's it! There are other options, like assigning it to a client, or a staff member, but this is the best way to get started.

Non-Repeating activities can be edited by clicking on them, Repeating Activites can be updated by click the "Options" button on the calendar screen, and then click "Repeating Activities".

I can highly recommend watching the Quick Start video a few times if you're struggling:

The video is a little out of date, we will be updating it soon once we release some new features.

Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help!
Maurice 2nd Jul 2020

Newsletter Template - August 2021

Hi Yolanda!

That's so lovely, glad to hear it :)

The easiest way to delete a page in Microsoft Word is to

1. Download the file from Golden Carers
2. Open the document
3. If you can't edit the text, click "Edit Template" at the top of the screen
4. Now, find the page/content you want to delete
5. Click and drop the content with your mouse to highlight this content
6. Press Delete on your keyboard

That should be it! Let me know how you go.
Maurice 1st Jul 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Taylor,

We really do need to add this feature! It's been on our todo list for a while, I'll see what we can do :)

Technically this is possible to DIY with the Word Document version, however, it's a bit fiddly playing with backgrounds. I'll try to build it into this calendar system directly to make it easy!