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Darla 19th Dec 2016 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Who Am I Game

If I may comment and adjust your , "Who Am I" Game; I have one made up in a 3 ringed binder book called" Famous Faces Biography".
On the front side of a page in sheet protector, I place a large color print portrait of a person for all residents/clients to view, and on the back side of this photo portrait I write the phrases as you have. I start with, "my claim to fame is .... a sportsman i.e. Wayne Gretsky; or a politician i.e. Chamberlin, or a musician of country music i.e. Johnny Cash, ect.

This way, depending on the audience, they have a chance to view the person. For crowds with higher cognitive function, I ask the more difficult biography phrases first to give them more of a challenge.

Darla Spiry
Activity Coordinator in Canada
Darla 16th Aug 2016 Recreation and Rehab Manager

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

The Recreation Therapy program (Gerontology) is recently introduced in our facility. Your suggestion of survey and evaluation of programs is on track with offering the best choices in leisure. Our residents and clients deserve the very best activity and recreation choices that we can offer, and the information you have provided today is very useful and helpful.
Darla 28th May 2016 Recreation and Rehab Manager

How to Host a Country & Western Themed Party

What a wonderful idea for the summer! When our stampede week takes place in July (Calgary Stampede); our residential facility holds a Cowboy Day event. Your ideas are fantastic and I will share with our recreation team, and our other support services to get these ideas rolling.

Golden Carers is our most useful resource, thank you for all the wonderful ideas over the years.

Darla 15th May 2016 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience for Seniors

Thank you Albert for the site. This one will be used in our facility.

Nice work on the English history from you tube and ideas of sandwiches and Royal Trivia for Queen Victoria Birthday at the end of May.

Great ideas! Love this Activity site.

Darla 14th May 2016 Recreation and Rehab Manager


I use balloons; Mylar balloons, as we are unable to use latex. Could someone tell me where I could locate 90 cm balloons, which are larger ones? We have a great time with giant beach ball in circle, and I am interested in the giant balloon.

in Canada
Darla 10th Dec 2015 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Xmas chains

Fantastic Idea. Able to decorate the tree with paper, and with festive designs. Thank you!
Darla 24th Oct 2015 Recreation and Rehab Manager


A very good resource. Thank you for sharing.
Darla 24th Oct 2015 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Good Morning Josephine,

May I also have a copy of your program plan for budgies? We have budgies in our residence and would like to review and perhaps follow your plan. Do I have permission to use if it fits well with our birds?
Thank you for your consideration,

Darla 24th Oct 2015 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Good Morning Donna,
Another suggestion is to be sure to include the resident's original or first language.
If identifying an individuals' bedroom suite or washroom, please put up an indication with personal pictures and in their first language if caption is needed.
Darla 24th Oct 2015 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Hello Sally,
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. 1970's music. it is American. Can be found on ordering music and book locations. Works well for wheelchair dancing, ball exercise, and upbeat stimulating music.