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About Susan: Susan Berg is a freelance writer, retired healthcare professional, retired Activity Director and current writer for several senior care e-magazines with more than 20 years of experience working with Senior Citizens and eight years experience writing for a number of publications. She is the author of a book for those with dementia and their caregivers. Susan has two blogs about activities for seniors and information vital to all wanting to know about dementia. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and North Shore Community College.

Senior Citizens
Susan is an expert on senior citizen issues. She is currently a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant(COTA). In this role, she has worked with senior citizens. Susan is an expert on adapting and modifying activities so that seniors can participate in them. She spent twenty years as an Activity Director in nursing homes. She devised, planned, coordinated, and facilitated stimulating activity programming. Also she designed a program for homebound senior citizens. Currently, Susan shares her knowledge about senior activities on one of her blogs.


Susan is also an expert on dementia and related issues. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner(CPD). She has participated in numerous workshops, seminars and alike where she has gained much knowledge. Her work as an Activity Director and COTA has given her much knowledge and experience in relating to individuals with dementia. Susan is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She is hopeful that people will do what they can to prevent or at least slow down dementia in themselves or loved ones. Susan has shared many tips on how to prevent dementia or slow it down on her other blog.

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Susan 1st Sep 2021 Activity Director

How to Support Mentally Alert Clients in Mixed Group Environments

Hi Dt
Thank you for your input
I’d like this activity for a mixed group
Susan 31st Aug 2021 Activity Director


Hi Trisha
You can use some of these ideas
I was not allowed to serve alcohol either so I either made a non-alcoholic punch with Gingerale and some kind of fruit juice or a used root beer as the beer
Susan 31st Aug 2021 Activity Director

Photo Bookmarks of Children

Hi Lorina

I do not know at what level your clients are at Here are some ideas
And other visual quizzes
And other word quizzes
There are many ideas but I need to know what you are interested in besides men’s activities
You may have to adapt and modify these things
Could print some out and hand them out
Do you want to keep social distance
You maybe able to do Games over the telephone
I like this horse racing game
And other games suggested here
Susan 31st Aug 2021 Activity Director


Susan 30th Aug 2021 Activity Director


Hey Whitney
Thank you for your response
I worked in a nursing home that had rehab patients
You are right they like to keep to themselves because they want to focus on rehab so they can leave
Fortunately for me our rehab department was very cooperative
They would go over the activities to see what these residents might want to do and they would say that going to an activity is part of their rehab
I don't know how the members of the rehab department are but perhaps you could talk to them
I also had In services for the nursing staff to remind them that all staff are responsible for activities as said by CMS
There is some thing you can read from NCCAP
You could also join this organization if you want

I worked with some nurses who were rather uncooperative and cliquish
Just did my job and try to ignore them unless you need their help
Kill them with kindness I say complement them when they help you
If you review some of the documents from CMS and share them with the nursing staff perhaps that would help
I had issues with the CNA's and they tried to gang up on me so this is very tricky
Tried to kill them with kindness as well complementing them when they help you
Have you been through a survey yet??
Getting back to the short term residents
Have separate activities for this group
See If anyone attends
Do you cannot find group activities they want to participate in just write the note and care plan saying that they prefer independent leisure activities
Hand out trivia questions or other type of things they might want to do it on their own such as word searches

I don't know if you have tablets or they could use their own phone to do these virtual activities
I think theNCcAP well help you with study guidance
I am in OTA so the exam I took was different
If you have anymore questions please let me know
Are you friendly with anyone in another department such as social service that might be able to help you??
Do you go to the care plan meetings??
Good luck to you Remember we are here to help
Susan 29th Aug 2021 Activity Director


Hi Jean
Thank you for this information
Music uses many parts of the brain which is one reason it is so good for those with dementia
I agree that most are engaged in someway with music and sing-alongs
You as a leader have to be engaging and enthusiastic and try to include everyone
Susan 28th Aug 2021 Activity Director

How to Run Successful Resident Council Meetings

Hi Robin
Use the hints in this article and remind the residents that they have a certain responsibility and limits to what they are in charge of
If need be get the social worker and administrator involved
Susan 28th Aug 2021 Activity Director

Coloring for Seniors - Mandala - 02

Hi Karen
Thank you for your kind words and recommendation
You are right thank goodness for activity professionals
I also agree the kind to one another
Susan 28th Aug 2021 Activity Director


Susan 28th Aug 2021 Activity Director


Hi Amanda
You need to know why they are on palliative care and what you are doing for them to write a care plan