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About Susan: Susan Berg is a freelance writer, retired healthcare professional, retired Activity Director and current writer for several senior care e-magazines with more than 20 years of experience working with Senior Citizens and eight years experience writing for a number of publications. She is the author of a book for those with dementia and their caregivers. Susan has two blogs about activities for seniors and information vital to all wanting to know about dementia. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and North Shore Community College.

Senior Citizens
Susan is an expert on senior citizen issues. She is currently a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant(COTA). In this role, she has worked with senior citizens. Susan is an expert on adapting and modifying activities so that seniors can participate in them. She spent twenty years as an Activity Director in nursing homes. She devised, planned, coordinated, and facilitated stimulating activity programming. Also she designed a program for homebound senior citizens. Currently, Susan shares her knowledge about senior activities on one of her blogs.


Susan is also an expert on dementia and related issues. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner(CPD). She has participated in numerous workshops, seminars and alike where she has gained much knowledge. Her work as an Activity Director and COTA has given her much knowledge and experience in relating to individuals with dementia. Susan is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She is hopeful that people will do what they can to prevent or at least slow down dementia in themselves or loved ones. Susan has shared many tips on how to prevent dementia or slow it down on her other blog.

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Susan 6th Jan 2020 Activity Director


If you are a volunteer you should go to the manager or other staff workers, they should be able to give you some inspiration
Sometimes family members can give you inspiration as well because they will tell you the story of their family
member and what they hope their family member will get from your memory club

Thank you so much for being a Volunteer I'm sure you help make some peoples lives better
Susan 6th Jan 2020 Activity Director

Modified Beer Pong

Great idea Diane
Susan 5th Jan 2020 Activity Director


Let me suggest the cue card
Do activities where are you do not have to speak like more physical activities using the cue cards to help you communicate
You could also try sensory activities
Everyone likes a manicure or hand massage
Susan 5th Jan 2020 Activity Director


Wow Kathleen thank you for the suggestions they are terrific
Susan 5th Jan 2020 Activity Director


Balloon volleyball is a great game
Thank you for that suggestion Kathleen
Susan 4th Jan 2020 Activity Director


Try the suggestions mentioned here
If you need more help let me know
Susan 3rd Jan 2020 Activity Director


You can try some of these ideas

I especially like using music with exercise such as singing this song if you’re happy and you know it and then let the residence suggest things that you could do besides clapping your hands and stamping your feet if they need help you can help them
You can also add ideas for any of the holidays in the month that you were thinking of

Reminiscing on exercising is also a good idea and it can change with the different groups that you do

If Residents are having trouble giving you a response say tell me about instead of asking a question and give them a choice of two answers or you can say I can tell by your smile that you want to do whatever it is you want to do
Susan 1st Jan 2020 Activity Director


Here are some articles that might help you or Golden Carers

Remember you know your residents best so you can make a cart that satisfies the interests of your residents
Having printed word searches and crossword puzzles is nice to hand out to people who do not want to join the group
Have been books and magazines is also a good idea
Susan 1st Jan 2020 Activity Director

100 Movie Recommendations for Seniors

Thanks for the information
Movies are a good idea when you don’t have staff there