A visual quiz - see if you can name the flowers in these images!

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Janice 18th Jan 2021 Activities Co-ordinater
Name the flowers visuals are brilliant for all residents. They are a bright and cheerful activity especially during the present difficult time. This activity is a great group conversation stimulator.
Catherine 15th Jan 2019 Nursing Home Volunteer
What kind of activities do you suggest for visually impaired besides Who am I or what am I?
Jannine 16th Jan 2019 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
We have a sensory garden... for touch and smell. Plants like rosemary, curry plant , choc mint , lemon scented thyme just to mention a few. The resident is encouraged to touch the plant , rub leaves between fingers and smell. I see if they can guess what the plant is. Also sensory jars with things like coffee beans , cloves, orange peel etc... same idea... smell and guess what the contents of the jar is . Different balls.... furry, smooth , bumpy etc to touch. Music and instruments to shake or beat in time....