Here is a newsletter template for August 2020 in WORD format. Easy to edit and customize!

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Kay 14th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator
Thank you so much for the template! Makes it much easier for tech challenged me to produce something professional looking!
Ruth 14th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist
Fantastic Newsletter Template I used this and had such amazing feedback from staff and Residents. Thank you
Delane 10th Jul 2020 Director
Yes I love this!! Just what I have been looking for!!
Thank you, please send more!!
Talita 4th Jul 2020
Thanks so much for all the feedback and support - stay tuned for the September installment in the coming weeks!
Sharon 3rd Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator
this news letter template is fantastic please add more ... thankyou for all these wonderful extra tips for us all to enjoy
activity coordinator
Jill 2nd Jul 2020 Activities Director
Can we see one page news letters.
Thank you
Talita 4th Jul 2020
No problems Jill, in the September issue we will include a one page variation.
Fione 2nd Jul 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
Fantastic Resource
Many thanks for sharing
Yolanda 2nd Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator
I have just signed onto your wonderful site, The information is amazing.

As for the newsletter, is there a way to delete some of the pages, We won't necessarily
put all the information in our newsletter.

Thank You
Maurice 2nd Jul 2020
Hi Yolanda!

That's so lovely, glad to hear it :)

The easiest way to delete a page in Microsoft Word is to

1. Download the file from Golden Carers
2. Open the document
3. If you can't edit the text, click "Edit Template" at the top of the screen
4. Now, find the page/content you want to delete
5. Click and drop the content with your mouse to highlight this content
6. Press Delete on your keyboard

That should be it! Let me know how you go.
Sunya 1st Jul 2020 Activity Director
Yes please include more newsletter templates. Thanks
Lesley 1st Jul 2020 Home Manager
How do I access the monthly newsletter for July please
Lesleah 1st Jul 2020 Christian Science Nurse
Newsletter templates are helpful in at least two ways..
They are idea-inspiring as well as useful just as they are for us to adapt.
Please include more templates?

Thank you!
Sarah 1st Jul 2020 Engagement Worker
Hi, I'd also love to see more. Thanks for sharing x
WENDY 1st Jul 2020 Activity Manager
I would love to see more newsletter templates as I think this is an awesome resource.
Talita 1st Jul 2020
Thank you to everyone who has left feedback regarding the August 2020 newsletter template. This is the first installment, we will keep releasing new templates each month for inspiration. September 2020 will be the next one. Thanks again!
Hamsa 30th Jun 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
I love love love this ... sometimes I run out of ideas .. please I would appreciate it every month :)
This is awesome would love to have it each month.

Mel Smalle
Activities Coordinator
Wendy 30th Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist
Would love to have more newsletter templates. Wendy McAlpine
MARIA 30th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator
I would like to see more Newsletters. Great resource for Activities coordinators
kind regards
Maria Batchelor
Gail 30th Jun 2020 Director
I hope you are having a good day ! Please send July newsletter and June .
Gail 29th Jun 2020 Activities Director
looking for a July newsletter
Please and Thank you so much!! Love Love Love this website!!
Tammy 29th Jun 2020 Activity Assistant
I would love to see more newsletter templates as I think this is an awesome resource.

Kindest Regards,
Tammy Potter
AL Activity Assistant