Here is a newsletter template for January 2021 in WORD format. So easy to edit and customize!

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Arlene 2nd Mar 2021 Activity Coordinator
can you print march,april,may,june,july,sept,oct,nov.newsletter template like the month of jan.feb.pls. thank
Talita 8th Mar 2021
Hi Arlene, you can find the newsletter templates here:

We starting releasing monthly templates in August last year - we still have May, June & July to complete a full year and they will be released a month beforehand.

Janet 16th Jan 2021 Activities Director
Love this site! Thank you
Is there a February newsletter template coming?
I love them and all the ideas
Talita 16th Jan 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Janet! The February version is available here:
Lisa 9th Jan 2021 Activity Assistant
Good morning
My residents are asking for the answers to the crossword puzzle in January newsletter
Do you have the answers
Talita 9th Jan 2021
That is a great point Lisa! We have updated the template to include the answers on the last page. Thanks again!
Alexandra 4th Jan 2021 Lifestyle Manager
Hello, do you have a suggestion poster for a "Birthday's in January etc etc" that we can add our own residents names to and we can change the months accordingly? I have one already but would welcome your suggestion. We like to put them up in our communities so that all our residents can look forward to celebrating. Many thanks in advance.
Talita 5th Jan 2021
Hi Alexandra, yes we have monthly birthday posters for you to print and fill out here!
Lady lerah 20th Dec 2020 Lifestyle Officer
Hi ... do you have newsletter template for month of Feb,march,April may,June,July. Thank you
Talita 22nd Dec 2020
Yes, the templates are being released each month. Feb will be out next week.
Christine 27th Nov 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi, the calendar says 2020 and not 2021and Friday is the first day of the year :)
Maurice 27th Nov 2020
Hi Christine!

Sorry about that, all fixed - thanks for letting us know!