Old wives tales are widely held traditional beliefs that are now thought to be unscientific or incorrect. Nevertheless, many old wives tales have been scientifically proven to be true! Can you guess which ones?
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Old wives tales are widely held traditional beliefs that are now thought to be unscientific or incorrect. Nevertheless, many old wives tales have been scientifically proven to be true! Can you guess which ones?

True or False?

1.Cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis _________________
2.Chicken soup makes you better _________________
3.The Sharper the Blast, the Sooner 'Tis Past _________________
4.Food with mayonnaise spoils faster _________________
5.The full moon causes strange behavior _________________
6.Chewing gum stays in your stomach for seven years _________________
7.Cutting nails at night summons ghosts_________________
8.Eat vegetables while pregnant and the baby will love them later_________________
9.Fish is brain food_________________
10.Heartburn while pregnant means the baby will have lots of hair!_________________
11.If you cross your eyes they may get stuck_________________
12.A glass of warm milk makes you sleepy_________________
13.Hydrogen Peroxide treats colds_________________
14.Sitting on a cold wall gives you piles_________________
15.Eating bread crusts makes your hair curl_________________
16.Drink at least eight glasses of water a day_________________
17.After eating, wait one hour before swimming_________________
18.Eating lots of carrots turns the skin orange_________________
19.Red sky at night, shepherd's delight_________________
20.Counting sheep helps you fall asleep_________________

Answers: Old Wives Tales

1.False - There is no evidence that cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis.
2.True - Scientists have found that chicken soup reduces inflammation by slowing down white blood cell activity responsible for inflammation.
3.True - When a storm builds rapidly, it is stronger and faster then when it builds gradually.
4.False - On the contrary, it prevents spoilage because of its acidity levels.
5.True - For some people - several studies have proven that there are more emergencies on nights with a full moon.
6.False - Our digestive system gets rid of it pretty fast.
7.False - Nonsense!
8.True - What the mother eats is likely to influence the baby's inclinations in the future.
9.True - A study in 1914 linked a weekly consumption of baked and broiled fish with "larger gray matter in the brain contributing to better memory".
10.True - There is evidence proving it is true: 82% of women with severe heartburn had babies with lots of hair!
11.False - Nonsense!
12.True - Milk contains an amino acid that when released produces serenity-boosting feelings.
13.True - In 1928 German doctor Richard Simmons, M.D. hypothesized that cold and flu viruses commonly enter through the ear canal and hydrogen peroxide could kill the virus. A few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in each ear; wait until the bubble noises subside (5 to 10 minutes), drain onto tissue and repeat with the other ear. (Mercola.com)
14.False - A chilly bottom does not cause piles!
15.False - But eating crusts is good for you! The crusts are generally the most nutritious part!
16.False - Hydrating the body can be achieved with most liquids; tea, coffee, juices.
17.False - There are no documented cases of drowning from swimming after a meal.
18.True - Excess of beta-carotene stored under the skin, can cause skin discoloration.
19.True - It means the sun has a high concentration of dust, indicating stable weather.
20.True - Visualisation and mental imagery can indeed assist you to nod off.

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Doreen 22nd Jun 2019 Life Enrichment
I am new and I am having fun with the new ideas and presentations.
Talita 24th Jun 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Doreen and welcome to the community!
Talita 15th Apr 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Robyn!
Talita 8th Apr 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Mandy!
I work in a nursing home and the residents love to take part in a quiz, it's very rewarding to see them taking part and having some fun.


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