Can you name the singers from the last 7 decades of the Queen's reign?

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Lenore 2nd Aug 2022 Life Enrichment Director
WARNING Slide #17 Amy Winehouse - if you use the Spotify playlist attached with this activity, her song "Back to Black" has vulgar words. So glad we looked at the lyrics ahead and didn't play that song.
Pamela 3rd Jun 2022 RN
Oh, This was a hit with my TRIVIA group ! The newer songs and artists was a little tuff but they enjoyed listening.
Guessing was fun for all and I would give hints of the artist initials if needed.

Thank you so much!!
I look forward to viewing what is new or something I haven't used in a while.

The Group enjoyed the armchair travel, I 've done four countries so far and plan to do Norway next week.