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Solange 30th May 2017

Balloon tennis

Well observed Janaya, well done! Cheers.
Solange 30th May 2017

Balloon tennis

Hooray, for your creativity Jill! Thak you for sharing. Cheers.
Solange 22nd May 2017


Hi Carla, don’t be too hard on yourself; I am sure you are doing your very best to engage your clients. However, there will be always those who do not respond for reasons of their own; which eventually may or may not be revealed. Some people are by nature alert and others lethargic; theses are traits difficult to change. To alleviate social isolation here are a few ideas to try:
- Keep informed of new activities, Residents' meeting and outings. Don’t give up!
- Schedule room visits to listen to them. Elders thrive in being 'listened to'.
- Encourage and support residents’ family to visit more and facilitate visits.
- Enlist their 'help' in activities; everybody likes the feeling they 'are making a difference'. Washing dishes, peeling potatoes, hanging washing.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Cheers.
Solange 22nd May 2017

Things that go Together Quiz #2

Hi Kelly, thank you for your feedback. There will be 'Things that Go Together" with pictures soon. We are working on it. Cheers.
Solange 20th May 2017


Thank you Susan.
Solange 12th May 2017


Hi Paul, interviews vary a lot, however, you may be asked some of the following:
• talk about yourself
• Why do you want to join us?
• What are your strengths?
• What do you think about 'person-centre' care?
• Have you had a conflict at the previous workplace?
• What do you understand about work ethics?
Good luck, I hope this can help.
Solange 11th May 2017


Hi Sarah, good luck with the Men’s Club. Here are a few suggestions!

The Not So Fast
The Spark Plugs
The Dashing Hunks
The Benchwarmers
The Beer Drums
Solange 8th May 2017


Hi Pedro,

You could try radio plays, audio books, a pet of her liking (bird or cat), sorting by size (buttons, lids, beads), molding clay, and gardening – a tomato plant to water every day.

You may also use the link below for more activities for the visually impaired.
Solange 27th Apr 2017

Mexican sangria and bean dip

Hi Sally, the Sangria yields 1.2 gallons/4.5 litres approximately. If you serve in 6 or 7 ounces/200 ml glasses, it would make 22 glasses. Cheers.
Solange 23rd Apr 2017


Hi Kara, if you want to do this manually you could use a monthly sheet, one for each client, using a tickbox for each activity attended and space to record engagement, absenteeism, enjoyment. For example:



Online tools can really simplify the process too. See the short video on Golden Care Tools home page to see how it works:

Hope this helps.