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Recreational Activities Offer From New South Wales, Australia

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lynnette 13th May 2010 Recreational Activities Offer

Thank you speech for Volunteers

Hi, just tell it like it is. without their help you would not be able to offer the recreational & leisure experiences that you do, they are essential to your work place by donating their time & engery to make a positive difference to others. Say you recognise & you thank them for their high level of committment,Let them know also that they are not only making your job & others more productive but that they are sending a powerfull message to young people that as a communiyt we are all responsiable for each other. Hope this helps Lynnette
lynnette 13th May 2010 Recreational Activities Offer

Attire of the World Quiz

Hi, Thanks for this information I wrote this up on a white board & left it in view.The following day I started gaining the answers,Then I allowed the activity to take a twist, a new man who had been antisocial spoke up & stated he had been to "that country" so we then has a discussion regards his travels, he open right up & returned after lunch when we finished the activity. I did need to give other clues for most of the answers but I would class it as sucessfull on multi levels. Cheers Lynnette
lynnette 16th Mar 2010 Recreational Activities Offer

Annual Report Sample

I like the idea of an annual report,and am going to take notes as you suggest.I can see a real advantage. Thanks Lynnette
lynnette 4th Mar 2010 Recreational Activities Offer

Aphasia Care Plan Sample

Hi. might I suggest you hang a mobile/suncatcher(making this could be Activity for others) above her ie;fish,horses,flowers,stars,crystels ect. Painting or sticking same on ceiling & surrounding areas within her view.
Talking books to be played for 30 mins (mornings are when most imput is taken in).Do a Textile Activity with her;use scaves & pieces of material with difference textures ie silk, satin, wool, ribbed, furry ect, guide the material under her hands up her arms & around the neck & cheek area.Informing her what you are doing at all times,watch for reaction.
Hope this helps Lynnette
lynnette 25th Feb 2010 Recreational Activities Offer

St. Patrick's Leprechaun and beer poster

Hi all, At my nursing home we have a monthly Theme "Happy Hour" activity, Last year we did a "Paddy's Bar & Grill" banner,decorated with all things Irish including the Irish flag,played Irish music told Irish jokes & limricks,served the drinks,chips,dips ect. we encouraged green to be worn by Staff & Residents. We will do this again as it went off so well. Cheers Lynnette