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Alison 21st Mar 2018 Lifestyle

Resident Information Sheet for New Staff

This is a great idea. We have just had the discussion that all clinical infornmation is transferred but Lifestyle information isnt covered enough or not at all.
Im going to develop something similiar for our team!
Alison 11th Jan 2017 Lifestyle


We had one in our memory support unit with a bench for the residents to sit on. We placed an arch way near it with plants growing it looked amazing and residents stopped had a seat a bit of a chat and then happy to wander again.
Alison 11th Jan 2017 Lifestyle


Hi everyone, I am looking to purchase a clock,calendar, weather details board any ideas where i can get one?
Alison 16th Aug 2016 Lifestyle

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

We do annual surveys of our programs and resident satisfaction survey which includes all aspects of living in care. However i do like the resident lifestyle survey shown here which is placed into the accreditation outcomes too.
Alison 3rd Jun 2014 Lifestyle

Typical British words and phrases

Too funny!
And yes Mandy being a POM I too could add a few.....maybe we should!
Alison 1st Apr 2014 Lifestyle

Word Bingo

Love this idea, we also paly animal bingo which the residents in our Memory support unit really enjoy
Alison 17th Dec 2013 Lifestyle


Residents in our nursing home have just mad Christmas cards to sell at the front desk, they cannot keep up the demand.
Cardboard and Christmas wrapping paper, so simple but very effective!
Alison 17th Dec 2013 Lifestyle


This is so sad for both the residents and staff. Please do not change who you are and how you do things our Ageing people need us to be Person centred.........Good Luck in NZ!