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diversional therapist From Northern Territory, Australia

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Natalie Reimer 2nd Jan 2009 diversional therapist


I just read your acknowledgement of bullying in the work place, I have just been sacked from Midnorth coast area health service (acute mental health unit) after four years of bullying by my managers, this includes the top managment for the region. I feel disillusioned by it all after 19 passionate and determined years as a diversional therapist. I would not of challenged them if I new it was going to distroy my love of life and compassion for all people, with the outcome being the Australia I thought I lived in, is after all not a country that can cause me to feel proud anymore it is managed by people with low morals, people of weakness not strength, unfairness not fairness and people who choose to stick their heads in the sand. How did corupt people win power over our supposedly fair and just society?
May I be able to forgive these weak pathetic individuals one day, so as not to become them.