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Susan 12th Nov 2010 Lifestyle and Leisure Coordinator


Dear Annie, I have just read your blog, yes it is very hard to find time to do everything. I don't do any nursing duties unless on outings.
I love digging around the Golden Carers site as it is very helpful to get idears. Alzeimers Australia has a great website to look at as they have some good ideas as well. Sue
Susan 19th Sep 2010 Lifestyle and Leisure Coordinator


Regarding Care Plan for Chickens.
I would suggest developing a Pet Care Plan.
Including; type/s of animals, food and water requirements, when to feed, who
will feed and when, maintenance of bedding and housing etc.... Regards Sue
Susan 30th Aug 2010 Lifestyle and Leisure Coordinator


Thankyou for providing such a great website. I have found it to be an excellent place to get ideas for programs. Keep up the good work. I would be greatful if we could have some useful information on ACFI. Sue
Susan 9th Mar 2010 Lifestyle and Leisure Coordinator

Volunteer's Handbook

Dear Golden Carers,
I have read your Volunteers Handbook and think it is great. I have set up a Volunteer hand book at our facility and would like to suggest you include a Confidentality Aggreement that is signed by the Volunteer and witnessed and is kept on file with the Police Check document. I also included a copy of Residents Rights for the Volunteers to read and keep.
Regards Sue