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Sancha 22nd Oct 2019 Personal Carer

Poem - The Clock on the Wall

What an awesome poem thank you for sharing. Love Golden Carers you guys sure have something for every occasion. Helps me in my search to keep our residents happy. Cheers Sancha.
Sancha 3rd Oct 2017 Personal Carer


I have been a member for quite a few years and yes, it sure has helped me with lots of interesting ideas and activities. So enjoy Alicia, as I am! Cheers.
Sancha 23rd May 2017 Personal Carer

Balloon tennis

Played this recently with my Dementia Residents round the table (8) and they all had such a fun time will definitely do it again. Lots of laughs from both the nurses and Residents playing and watching. Thanks for the ideas. Love Golden Carers. Cheers!
Sancha 8th Apr 2015 Personal Carer


Google your request, the ABC shop has some and birds in cages too. I bought The Fish Tank, shows tropical and river fish. Our dementia residents love it. I put it on when we have music sing a long morning for a visual for the deaf ressies, they love it. So calming.
Sancha 4th Feb 2014 Personal Carer


An activity for visually impaired and handicapped people is table bobs. We had a Bobs frame made with the numbers on the front over the openings where the balls are rolled. We use 6 golf balls and put an X on two of the balls for double score. We place the frame on a table that we have placed a blanket down first. Make sure you have a whiteboard handy for scoring. There is a prize for the highest man, lady and a booby prize for last. We keep a record for the year and have a trophies for the winners etc. Cheers Sancha
Sancha 22nd Nov 2011 Personal Carer


At our Respite Centre here in Gladstone Qld, we are involving the clients in helping to make rum balls, white Christmas etc. Putting hats and aprons and gloves on, they love being part of the preparation for Christmas! Sancha 22nd November 2011