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Adrian 9th Sep 2014 Activity Officer

Horse Race Floor Game

We use a similar activity on Cup Day to kick off ou Funny Money Month. We have residents choose a number horse from 1-6 which they recieve a laminated number. We then have races in differtent ways. I'll explain below. The horse that wins wins it's punters some funny money for their account which at the end of the month which is full of many other activities where they can earn funny money we have an auction. Residents use bought items as Christmas presents. Anyway I digress.

The races are run in a few different ways which mixes it up and is good for groups.
1. Pair of Dice - 1 is the horse number the other is the ammount of spaces
2. 1Die - Die is for horse number if rolled that horse moves 1 space
3. 1 Die - 1 Coin - Die is horse number, if tails comes up it is 1 place. if it is heads it is 3 places.

I often come up with others and I don't remember them. But we all have a lot of fun.
Adrian 22nd Jul 2014 Activity Officer

Mobile library Trolley

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Mobile library Trolley
Adrian 22nd Jul 2014 Activity Officer


I have been made aware that accreditation has been targeting sensory stimulation. We have the average tick sheet of what activities are done but I was wondering how people are capturing the sensory stimulation effectively? Thank you