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urszula 5th Apr 2011 DT

How to host a High Tea Party

We do have Ladies\' High Tea Social Club as a regular activity every two weeks. We do send a specially designs invitation to our ladies\'.
We do have wonderful china cups,saucers, plates, tea pots and all the fancy things including lacy table cloth, beautiful flowers and more. Our ladies\' love the special tea time organise for them in the most gorgeous garden situated in our nursing home.We do read poems, talk about gardens, fashion, our weddings days, love for beautiful things, we bring interesting objects to talk about, invite guests. It takes a lot of work to organise such an event, the organiser must be well prepared in advance so the ladies\' will have a great time.I do buy cakes from my good local bakeries and also use delicatessen shops.We always have three variety of teas to enjoy. Ladies often receive small presents to take back to their rooms, which are very welcome. They include chocolates, leftover cakes or biscuits always wrap up in nice, fancy napkins. We do love our Ladies\' High Tea events and looking forward to many more.