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Jen Freeman 6th Apr 2009 DT


Yes I totally agree Solange. Within high care the need for individual or very small group activities and therapy is becoming a daily essential. Sensory enrichment, therapeutic touch and positioning -the DT needs to be very close to the resident/s to maintain their focus. Larger group activities can become a waste of energy and cause stress for everybody if several residents need 100% attention otherwise they wander off or start doing something else and their attention is lost.

Small group activities and 1:1 with an individual are much more rewarding and provide opportunities for them to have enough time, space and encouragement to open up and moments for what i call "awakenings". Most of my activities are with one person at a time, or very small groups such as 3-4 people. And i feel that much more is achieved esp person centred approaches. I also find that i enjoy the activities much more as well!
Jen Freeman 4th Oct 2008 DT

The Price is Right Game

This is a great idea! I love activities that encourage thinking in a group and in a fun way as they are non-threatening to participants Great.
Jen Freeman 4th Oct 2008 DT

10 Daily Living Activities for Dementia Care

I love the peeling of the hard boiled eggs. You can also have related items such as a sand filled egg timer. I think with the food handling concerns you can try activities where the resident eats only the food they have touched, such as peeling and eating a banana. You can buy plastic silver cutlery or cheap cutlery from discount stores and keep in your DT cupboard for use only with the washing up activity. Food activites are great and I love the ideas on this site, thanks!