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Activities Officer From Queensland, Australia

About Gillian: Hi! My name is Gilly and I work for a large Aged Care organisation in the Ipswich Qld. area. I work in high care and have the best job in the world ( except the lady who taste tests Lindt balls:) I work with some wonderful, funny, caring thoughtful people. We also have a lovely DT. I am always trying to find ways to make our residents laugh and have a nice time together socially.... the Mo day followed the Skunk hat day and was alot of fun.

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Gillian 27th Jul 2011 Activities Officer


Hello there Sandra... Our Diversional Therapist has organised for baby animals to visit our facility just a few days after the show here in Brisbane. I am trying to borrow a fairy floss machine and have already organised to make strawberry ice cream cones just like the ones at the Ekka, perhaps dogs on a stick ( permission pending..I have temperature stick firmly in hand:) I'm in the throws of thinking up games which would be similar to side show alley.... quoits, fishing for ducks etc. Hope this to hear from other people with ideas. Cheers Gilly