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For my client who reached her 100th birthday,we did a surprise "This is Your Life...............".We gathered information from family and from the birthday girl herself, without giving the secret away and made it into a book.We had a devonshire tea,inviting family and friends to join her while they listened to her history and watched photos of her projected on a wall.In preparation for the event we cut out the numbers 100 from gold cardboard and had them "blu tacked" on walls , smaller 100 numerals were strung together on string and hung from various locations in the room so they would spin in the breeze.Also pictures throughout those 100 years were displayed to show how much the client had lived through. It was a great success . Family arranged for a large Birthday Cake to be shared with all residents.Not a day went by without her reliving a part of that day. We were so happy we gave her a special day as she passed away 3 months later. Family members and friends gave high praise that we went to so much effort.It is worthwhile just to see their reaction.
Good luck with the event
Lesley Robinson