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Janet 4th Mar 2016 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Summer Rain Colouring-in

It is so nice to come to this site and get ideas for games and activities. Our Residents have really taken to adult colouring, so finding more pictures to colour is always great! Thanks everyone for sharing :)
Janet 20th Aug 2014 Occupational Therapy Assistant


Hi Sandy
It is a good idea to speak to local GP's about your program. You will have to make an appt and bring lunch, but if they will support your program, it should grow and grow. Best of luck with it :)
Janet 15th Jan 2014 Occupational Therapy Assistant


How about sensory things, like a container with buttons, or leaves, or ribbons or all of the above. Ask Residents to pick something and talk about what its for, memories etc.
Janet 30th Jul 2013 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Find It Group Activity

I have bought the large pads of "things to find" books and our Residents love them. I think they cost around $10.00 each, but there are around 20 pages and they are already in colour, so are easier to find. I have tried black and white, but the Residents find it harder to locate items.