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marie 20th Mar 2018 diversional therapist


Do you have any volunteers who could be assigned to your resident as a 1-1 pot plants raised gardens are a good distraction ,doll therapy reminising, music .make up a plan with her over week and get her involved with what she likes but a volunteer who comes in once or twice a week would be a help to you too
marie 24th Sep 2013 diversional therapist

Bucket of Bean Bags Game

we play a similar game at our Day Centre,, one side throws a dice,the other side has the chance to throw that number of bean bags in the bucket.Each side has a go the team who have most number of bags each time wins. we use only 6 bean bags to match the dice ,,so if a member throw a six the other team has to try and get the six bags in the bucket,eg,thow number one dice then theother team throw one bag in the bucket.This is very popular game with our members,it sounds similar.
marie 2nd Sep 2013 diversional therapist

And they're off in the Melb cup

In our Day Centre in November,,our Melbourne Cup race day activity is made up with wooden horse shapes which have been attached to a stand up support ,.numbered up 20.You could use filled bottles that you can move..Wehave a large dice which each client/jockey takes in turn to throw.We set up a starting and finishing line, Depending on the number of Jockeys? it works out approx. 6 throws each.If you have a good caller to lighten up the occasion it makes it a very fun day..the first to the finish line is the winner and we have made the trophies or you an buy cheap Melbourne cup lookalikes small versions, at the Sams warehouse or such like shops.
Marie 17th Jan 2012 diversional therapist

Xmas chains

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