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Activities 29th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

For Pondering: You are Survivors

On behalf of our team, we thank you all for your contributions over the years and have taken advantage of the many great resources available.
Thanking you
Sharon 12th Mar 2018 Activities Coordinator


Hi all, I could use some suggestions. I have a vision impaired, non mobile resident who does not present with dementia. She is constantly calling for attention and will ask for trivial jobs to be done. This lovely lady attends most activities but tends to fall asleep during them. She is supported with a great deal of one on one time but demands constant attention every minute of the day. She does not like television or movies, loud music, or bingo and, due to having a pacemaker, she cannot have close contact with our PARO seal. her family do not live near. I am trying to find some form of diversion/ activity that can be utilised to keep her occupied as she is consistently calling for attention from very busy staff even when she has just been attended to. I am the only Leisure officer for 45 high care residents in a 2 story building and would like to assist this resident with meaningful and purposeful activities. Thank you all for your support, suggestions and ideas.