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aged day care co-ordinator From New South Wales, Australia

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Sue 24th Nov 2014 aged day care co-ordinator

Doll Therapy and Dementia

sue 24-11-14
Nurture therapy is a wonderful way to encourage caring interaction in a person, male or female.
careful observation of the individual will determine suitability, family and friends can give the staff valuable insight as to the suitability.
There are many and varied interactive "babies" to choose from.
Sue 8th Jul 2014 aged day care co-ordinator


Sue 8-7-14
I am an aged daycare co ordinator and am having the same issues with clients using the kitchen.
We should stop paying lip service to the "enablement" philosophy and respect each persons right to be as vital and viable as possible.
Even those who are seriously affected by dementia can remember how to use a tea towel, this activity often leads to conversations about their lives and experiences. Supervision rather than restriction should be the aim. Let "us" be loved and valued for who we are and not restricted because of the perception of others.