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Louise Absalom, Board President DTA 18th Sep 2013 Diversional Therapist


Response to Aug 31st Post by Dorothy.

Hello Dorothy, I am concerned about the comments you have made. As a peak national body, Diversional Therapy Australia provides national and international leadership, support and advice on key leisure and recreation issues. Diversional Therapy Australia supports its members by fostering excellence in professional practice.
Diversional Therapy Australia is committed to transparent governance, developing marketing opportunities, fostering international liaison, advancing a media voice, supporting its member base and promoting excellence in education designed to support the Diversional Therapy role.

This year the Board have been successful in applying for and gaining membership to Allied Health Professionals Australia. This allows DTA and its members to stand alongside allied health disciplines such as Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy etc., on a political and lobbying platform.

The Board of Diversional Therapy Australia are committed to providing national leadership; this is exemplified within the annual Diversional Therapy Australia conference, the employment of a National Education Coordinator whose role it is to plan workshops in each state at least on an annual basis, and in regional areas as, and when practicable. Diversional Therapy Australia is represented within the National Aged Care Alliance, and more specifically on the Gateway Advisory group. This National presence contributes to the commitment of the allied health role, inclusive of Diversional Therapy, to the national health perspective. This affiliation has, and continues to, support and drive the role of the allied health professional, inclusive of involvement in policy development at the Government level.

Diversional Therapy Australia has a strong relationship with the Diversional Therapy Association of Japan, and The Society of Diversional Therapists of New Zealand. This collaboration is inclusive of study tours, representation at respective conferences, and sharing of information through newsletters and social mediums.

Diversional Therapy Australia has Memorandums of Understanding with The Humour Foundation, the Diversional Therapy Association of Japan and the Migrant Resource Centre, Southern Tasmania. These documents guide practices such as study tours, education, research, liaison and support. Diversional Therapy Australia has collaborative relationships with organisations such as the Arts Health Institute, Alzheimer’s Australia, Charles Sturt University, University of Western Sydney, and Redleaf Training and Consultancy. Diversional Therapy Australia value the inclusive and supportive nature of these relationships.

Diversional Therapy Australia is committed to the advancement of Diversional Therapy and are also aware of the requirement for academic qualification to underpin the profession. Diversional Therapy Australia has close ties with, and continues to work with, universities in supporting those students undertaking the Degree, through recognition and financial supports.

The 2013 strategic plan for Diversional Therapy Australia is to develop ties with other universities in raising the profile of Diversional Therapy across Australia. The Board sees this as an integral part of the challenge of promoting and furthering skilled allied health professionals. On this point you are to be congratulated on taking the step to gaining your Degree.