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Leanne 4th May 2017 Team Leader

10+ Benefits of Pet Therapy

We recently ha d a program at our Day Center "Henny Penny' it was amazing to watch the chicks hatching
Leanne 28th Nov 2012 Team Leader

Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees

I folded 3 trees last night whilst watching TV and even without decorations, my colleagues are gathering at my desk saying what a brilliant idea. They even want to have a craft afternoon at our next Staff Meeting and that was from our Co-ordinator who does not enjoy craft at all!! Thank You :)
Leanne 19th May 2012 Team Leader

10 Daily Living Activities for Dementia Care

I would also wonder about the food handling regulations. As my Centre is day based only we only have a small kitchen and an oven which is not fan forced. I have often thought of getting them to assist put the ingredients for a cake into a bowl client could measure a cup of flour, another put the egg in etc but do this activity at the table as opposed to the kitchen as the kitchen is smaller than a small bathroom. I thought of then passing the bowl around the table and asking the clients to say what they would add as they each give it a stir ie 'I would add love' or "I would add laughter' etc. We could then bake it and have for dessert with lunch. I will add it to the next months programme and see how it goes. :)
Leanne 20th Mar 2012 Team Leader

Egg carton Spring Flowers

They look like little sombreros, so might get the clients to make them for a Mexican Theme Day :)