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Peter 1st Nov 2016 Activities Coordinator

Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care

For Christine from the facility that has the policy of "no touching". I'm sad to hear that there is still a facility that does not allow it's carers and particularly Lifestyle staff to physically engage with it's clients that have a Dementia. Perhaps the policy writer has had a bad experience where there has been an escalation of sexual behaviours but with appropriate management and an efficient communications policy alongside appropriate education particularly to newer or younger staff members these issues can be reduced and clients of yours can experience the joy of human touch. It is very important that education, documentation and managing the process is carefully assessed .... Good luck !!
Peter 25th Sep 2013 Activities Coordinator

If you have an idea of what sort of music is appropriate I purchase what I need from iTunes. We have all different programs and I can create "Genius Playlists" Look up iTunes on Google it will explain further. If you or anyone requires more information am happy to post on this further. Technology is a vital resource for us !
Peter 9th Sep 2013 Activities Coordinator

I agree with most others that have commented. Meal periods are a perfect time to conduct 1:1 activity, the entire meal experience can be heightened and made joyous by adding some humour talk about "the day so far" what's coming up on Activities calendars etc. The meal time in most people's lives is a perfect opportunity to "catch-up" sit and listen to others around the table and engage in the food/social experience. I think it's imperative that RAO's do help with feeding especially in Dementia Specific Units, I often take my lunch and eat with the residents too, being mindful of infection control and safe food handling practices of course.