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Chereyne 5th Nov 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Memorial Day Poppy (Fabric)

We made these poppies but used black felt cut in circles and glued in the centre, Abit easier than sewing buttons and the residents were able to do it for me.
Chereyne 20th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Matinee at the Opera

It sounds great, how did you access the full opera
Chereyne 14th Apr 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

Yes! after giving it some thought I have the perfect place for it and will set it up today. Thanks
Chereyne 10th Apr 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

Love this. What size is your board
Chereyne 5th Mar 2019 Lifestyle Co-ordinator


We use music and singing alot. Golden Memories Karoke have great DVD's for you to sing along with the resident and more often than not the residents respond and sing with us. Poems and short stories might also break it up. We have a resident that made a constant noise and looked back into her past and found she was religious and will have a 1:1 doing a rosary or saying prayers with her, she joins in.
Good luck

*ps there are many other karoke dvds or even try Youtube has alot of music your residents will relate to
Chereyne 12th Dec 2017 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

This Day in History for Seniors: January

This is a fabulous resource, well done and thank you