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Joy 3rd Nov 2015 Recreation therapist

Foliage & Floral Wreaths

We make poppies from red and black tissue paper to hand for residents to wear on Remembrance Day, and also make a wreath from these poppies. On the day we set up a little table with a white lace tablecloth, some baby red roses, and some battery candles. At our remembrance day service a resident lays the wreath, another resident quotes a poem and a third resident recites the oath, we then sing some of the old war choruses.
Joy 13th May 2014 Recreation therapist

Balloon Games

I have made tennis racquets from cardboard cylinders from foil, cling wrap etc, and oval plastic plates which I have covered with colourful plastic wrap. These are the same shape as racquets and you can tell the former tennis players when they serve and use their back-hand.
Joy 8th Apr 2013 Recreation therapist

Hi Julie, We have entertainers come for happy hour once per week, a sing-a-long with the piano every Sunday afternoon, and each quarter we have our own concert where the clients sing solos on the microphone and we also have group songs. Some family members also attend and a few of our entertainers enjoy coming to help and join in also. These are all good times. Joy
Joy 12th Mar 2013 Recreation therapist

Treat Trolley

We also have a shopping trolley and when marking the prices on the objects, we have a guessing game to see who can guess the correct price.
Joy 12th Mar 2013 Recreation therapist

Fun Crossword #7

These crosswords are great for fill ins if I get called away or while we are waiting for morning tea or lunch to arrive. Joy