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leisure & health assistant From Victoria, Australia

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rosalie 21st Jul 2019 leisure & health assistant

Language Trivia

thank you to Golden Carers for all of these interesting prompt ideas for our home's activities.. keeps the smiles on residents faces. ..Thought as well as fun. :)
rosalie 28th May 2019 leisure & health assistant

Artist Impression - Paul Klee - Precious Stones

These are excellent pictures for residents who want to copy colour to picture to assist in their decisions if colour.. thank you for these
rosalie 21st Nov 2018 leisure & health assistant

Secret Word Game - Bonfire Night

that is very clever carol...
rosalie 20th Oct 2018 leisure & health assistant

Melbourne Cup Quiz II

Thank you for all of the ideas here for Melbourne Cup. The residents particularly love the quiz and trivia sessions.. excellent for resources ..
rosalie 8th Oct 2014 leisure & health assistant

Ping Pong Eggs

what a great activity and to paint the egg cartons also to attract the eye... Will try this one next week.
rosalie 9th Jul 2013 leisure & health assistant

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

What an excellent idea Kellie.. How rewarding that would be .. i am going to try this one myself.. Thankyou for the idea :-)
Rosalie Kelly 17th May 2013 leisure & health assistant


could you send me an example of an Individual Plan Proforma please..